Hey, I'm Hugues!

I'm a software engineer, currently working at Trifacta on Google Cloud Dataprep.


Here are some of my projects.


Quest is a Unified Engine for Searching Things (JIRA, Confluence, Google Drive, Dropbox paper, Slack...)

Quest UIs

Quest is a meta-search client that can connect to various applications and sources. It submits a search query to all configured services and aggregates the results. It works with various services like JIRA, Confluence, Google Drive, Dropbox paper, Slack, etc. Learn more

Technologies used: Electron, React

Website for student housing at INSA Lyon

Survey application website

Developed a website to manage housing applications for 2000+ students at INSA Lyon.
Used by INSA and made with my school's Junior Enterprise.

Technologies used: Django

Midwives office website

health clinic website

Created a static website for a health clinic. renoult-moreau-donront-sages-femmes.fr

Route planner

Route planner UI Created a program that optimizes itineraries according to delivery schedules.

Technologies used: JavaFx


You can find other projects on Github.